A downloadable game

three students, after a misguided night of 'fun', find themselves in a strange hospital where, of course... everything is normal.

backgrounds: my beloved tobi!
sprite work: me
sounds: various yt sources.

fixed error while dll would not copy over.

Install instructions

please, please do not attempt fullscreening.

the nvz file is absolutely needed to operate, will not work without.


indifference 0.1.zip 42 MB


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The game crashes shortly after the ??? characters start talking. I wasn't sure if it's a WIP and that's where it ends, or if there's a bug, so I thought I'd let you know in case it's the latter.

Yeah, it's meant to crash naturally regardless of the version you play, it turns out. I save copies to test and was using one where it was a bug and not meant, but getting back to it, it is meant to. I'm fairly new at making games and this is pretty much a solo project aside from backgrounds, so I appreciate the comment. ^^